Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the browser of the BDP3100 to play more file format e.g. VOB.IFO files.

Iím disappointed to find out that it is not possible to play the VOB.IFO files from a harddisk via the USB connection resulting in no menu and audio support.
The same files (which are in the Video_TS folder) run directly from DVD in the blue ray player supporting the audio and menu options.
It seems that the correct software is in the blue ray player but that this software is not accessible through the browser which you us to access the USB connection.
I expected that when you equip a blue ray player with a fast USB connection that you also give it functionalities to work as a multimedia player.
To me it seems that the hardware and basic software would allow this but is again simply a matter of some software missing to do this job.

Philips, why not directly ensure that it works well (and charge a few euro more for this blue ray player) to be able to use all potential of the hardware as multimedia player!
Now I need a separate multimedia player as well. The extra money is not what really irritates me but that I now need more equipment with more remote controls.

I have been looking at the specís of the Philips MHP3000 multimedia player. To me it is unclear if this player supports IFO files. It seems not to be the case!
Does anybody know how VOB.IFO files are supported on the MHP3000?