i need your help, i bought a mp4 philips muse gogear SA3MUS16, but i have some problems, like sometimes the screen freez, the mp4 reset, when i hear music in random mode i always hear the same songs in the same order. i send a mail to the team support and they told that i had to reinstaling the firmware. i did that with the songbird but when it was finished appear an error message and the mp4 dead. now when i connetc to the pc i can't see it, and in the pc appear a RK28usb device connect. in the songbird don't appear the mp4, when i try to repair, appear an error message, can't do it. i called to the team support and they told me that i had to send to technical service but they can't fix it.
why i can't repair with songbird? why appear like a RK28USB device?
please help me to recover my mp4 philips.