Latest V1.60 software release for related Product Models:

• BDP7500S2/05
• BDP7500S2/12
• BDP7500S2/51
• BDP7500S2/93
• BDP7500S2/98
• BDP7500B2/05
• BDP7500B2/12
• BDP7500B2/51

(V1.60) includes the following changes:

Fixes the following issues:

Fixes the issues found on the following Blu-ray discs:

o HBO True Blood Season 3, unintended graphics in the Bonus feature menu Trueblood lines.
o Sherlock Holmes, intermittent narration in Live screening feature.
o Jumanji, unable to select subtitles from the Subtitle list.

-Add on-screen keyboard in NetTV for easier and better navigation.
-Add Tuneln FM in NetTV.
-The former firmware version includes the following changes:

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