Hello situation is asking to join. I talked with the chief technician for Phillips, discussing and playing on 40PFL8605H/60 BDP5200 3d file from a laptop (built-in Windows Media Player from Maykrasoft) for hdmi output on the TV screen in the right format (top / bottom or side by side) button is available (function) 3d, 3d obtain and watch) when playing the same file with a usb hdd on-screen TVs get the same size top / bottom or side, but the button (function) 3d no selection is possible, or is BDP5200 file with 3D MAC is not reading, the paradox what is that way? exact same situation with BDR 5200, the firmware was not updated since May, ask an expert?? responded well, no problems can be corrected easily, but we need more wishes Clint, this type of jamb protects copyright in Europe, in the case, on the integrated Windows Media Player from Microsoft can (they do not type in Europe) in televisions from other manufacturers such as Samsung (type of Asia), this problem does not occur, and it works both ways, and here Europe is not approved, and that customers are suffering .... We must urgently take action. Much straining ...... situation, in short should arrange a vote for a solution, who knows how to please with that organize, will defend their rights to demand and get all the customer is always right!