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Alright, I did a small test on my newly arrived replacement unit to see if maybe it was the player and not Songbird. I tried powering on in repair mode without doing anything else. Not plugging it in, not checking for firmware update. Just doing it cold to see what would happen (Vol+ & Power on). Same kind of thing would happen as with the firmware update, wouldn't power on, looked dead. Hit reset with a paper clip and then powered on normally and it came on fine. I all these similar issues might has something to do with the player trying to go into repair mode.

I really hope this issue can get resolved soon as the player has some amazing sound quality.

(I do have to say, though, that the bundled earphones are some of the best sounding bundled earphones I've heard)
I don't think the player should be responsive in repair mode, have you tried updating this new player? using the songbird that installs when you first plug in the mp3 player? i.e uninstall your songbird and just plug in ur muse, install songbird off muse, update songbird to latest, then try updating muse, when it gets to"device must be connected in repair mode" do that and see if you still get an error. I will try all this when mine arrives, finally you could try using a different pc.