Today i bought de BDP5200, first i was very happy with the device, because of the many features...
But now i've almost trew it out of the window a dozen of times... luckely for the window it's too cold outside!

I installed the device and did an update by network. it installed v1.16 as most recent, and after the update it refuses to update further by network.

I started at 19u to try to rent a movie, i installed a 8gb SDHC card and formatted it. First it gives an error that the sd card is too small to watch a normal movie at

after googleing i see there is a newer update v1.31, but which my device does not see "by network"?!

After an installation by USB the devices hangs up many times, but somewhere i read that it's good to reset all settings and a cold boot... and indeed some problems disappear (shouldn't it easier to tell me to do after upgrade?!?)

then back to videoland, first i want to try a free movie, to know for sure it works, but unfortunately no-where i can find the "actiecode" to get "the making of gooische vrouwen" or "VOD tv" even after googleing... the price is only 0,01, but i don't have a jinx-card or so, and no actiecode... (nice to give stuff for free, but please make it then also easy to get it for free!)

Then i decided to choose a pay movie, i paid, and i downloaded it... i started it and then the tv turns black... tried it many times but it just does not work!

I can make this item even longer with many more not logical things (like, backspace-key at wireless password is different to the other fields...) and black screens i get or sudden unwanted restarts...

Philips, could you have a look at the way the good old steve jobs makes devices which works as you think it should work?

and can you explain me how i get this bloody thing to work or how i get my money back?