I have a Qnap NAS 219 with Twonky Media server. I'd like to stream movies to my Cinema Gold TV (50PFL7956H/12) or my Bluray Player (BDP8000/12). Both devices don't support streaming of external .srt files along with the movie while connected to the Media Server.

So in the current situation I always have to copy the files from my NAS to a USB drive (i.e. .avi-file and .srt-file) and play the movie from the USB drive. In this case the subtitels are displayed properly, but only if you use a connected USB drive.

I'd like to keep the files on my NAS and stream the movies to my devices including subtitels, now there are a lot of extra actions that have to be completed before you can watch a movie properly.

Philips why not make things easier? Also, right now, the streaming function for movies is almost non functional for not English speaking people because of the lack of subtitles.