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    Displaying subtitles for videos played through DNLA would really be nice.

    It should be possible for us to do this with a some effort and programming skills using the Jointspace API. With that, it's possible to overlay text over the TV image.

    One way to do this would be to write a separate (external) Control Endpoint (e.g. running on the DNLA Server) that has access to the subtitle files. It would then start&control the playback on the TV and at the same time render the subtitles through remoteJointspace.

    What I'm not sure though whether the control endpoint has information on the current playing positon, which is needed to synchronize the subtitles. Otherwise, the subtitle overlay through Jointspace must probably embedded directly into the DNLA server.

    Update: I actually have something in the back of my mind that Philips bought and extended a DNLA Media Server software. Maybe Philips can use Jointspace to make this extension directly into the media server?

    Update2: New facts: DLNA _does_ support external subtitles,
    see below for details.
    Last edited by matthias; 06-01-2012 at 08:15 AM. Reason: New facts: DLNA _does_ support external subtitles

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