This is my setup: Philips Cinema Gold TV (50PFL7956H/12) and Bluray Player BDP 8000 (BDP8000/12). The bluray is connected to the tv through a Philips high speed HDMI cable (SWV3432S) via the HDMI (ARC) connection on the tv. The video output is 1080p/24Hz.

When you start to play a 3D Bluray the screen flickers once (seems that the TV detects the 3D signal) and asks if you want to enable viewing in 3D mode. When you choose to display the 3D version the screen keeps flickering briefly any 10 or 15 minutes. It seems like the tv is periodically checking to see of the signal is still 3d. You can also briefly see a white line on top of the tv. This occurs on all my 3D Bluray's (i.e. Legend of the Guardians, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs).

I contacted Philips support and they told me to reset the connection, to unplug the tv and bluray from electricity and wait a couple of minutes before plugging them back on.

This did not help in anyway. Are there more people experiencing this and is there something to do about it? The 3D image is gorgeous, if this could be solved than it would be a perfect 3D experience.