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    Quote Originally Posted by tim.snoek View Post
    every 45min i get "gecodeerd programma". this is totaly not acceptable! is it possible to downgrade from firmware? does anyone has an old firmware?

    the provider that I use is ziggo with a CI+ module of Neotion
    I have Ziggo too. My 32pfl9606/12 has the same problem (not every 45 mins but 1 - 2 times per evening) since I bought it in July. A technician replaced the mainboard but the problem is still there. Philips doesn't have a solution yet, they said. We now watch analogue programs as a workaround. I hoped the new FW would solve this, I loaded it today and am still testing. Till now, it runs about 5 hours.
    BTW, I discovered a new bug in this FW: after a while, the program up- and down buttons (outer left and right buttons from center circle of the remote) don't work anymore. When you use the home (up) and back (down) buttons successively and 'tv kijken' is selected, they work again!
    PS: consequence of last bug is that CH+ and CH- buttons on front of the TV even do not work anymore.
    I am told that reloading old FW again is not an option.
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