We have a funny issue with our new Cinema 21:9 Gold TV when you select the picture format mode when watching a blue
ray or DVD film. When you select the Cinema 21:9 mode you get a black bar across the bottom of the screen and when you
select the 21:9 Cinema Subtitle the black bar disappears. Should this not be the other way round where the subtitle mode
should display the black bar?

Also we had issues connecting to our wireless network with a hidden SSID name, I had to end up turning this on to get the
connection to work and then hide the name again. Our panasonic Blue Ray player is able to connect to the wireless network with the SSID name hidden and inputting the details manually. Can the software be updated to help with this?

Does anyone have any good settings for the setup of this TV for normal TV viewing and Blue Ray/DVD films? I have used
some settings from a 7606 review but don't know if these are correct.

We have also experienced the flickering issue when switching on 3D as posted in another thread but only for the initial 3D
change over. Apart from this we are really happy with the TV and hope any updated software will fix these issues and for the updated Smart TV service , especially for the UK.