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    Thumbs down Italian 9000 Series No DVB-T2. Well! Smart MOVE Philips!

    Italy will start with the DVB-T2, most of competitor install DVB-T2 in italy.... and philips?? NOT!!!!

    "The Committee for the allocation of digital terrestrial frequencies opened the envelopes for the allocation of frequencies in the DVB-T2. Who seems to increase the focus is Telecom Media Italy (La 7), but there is also Rai, Mediaset, Sky Italy, Italy and Europe Three 7 "

    You start all over again? Yes, because after the start of the first DVB-T2 broadcast in Europe by 7 (which provides the service with his decoder), now as reported by "Il Sole 24 Ore", were open the envelopes for the allocation of new frequencies dedicated to DVB-T2. A lord it seems to be particularly Italy Telecom Media (which owns The 7 and MTV), which would require the entire lot C of frequencies (3 frequencies UHF band). If it will, the other 6 frequencies are available so all disputes between other broadcasters, with Europa 7, which would have required two, but unlikely to lead to dull against RAI, Mediaset and Sky Italy.

    At this point all that remains is to await the publication of the rankings Official final and allocation of frequencies (and the controversy that will follow with a pre-announced appeals to the TAR). While we look forward to the DVB-T2 in a more detailed, so finally be able to access (hopefully!!) to a range of HD channels worth this name, the other must take into account the purchase of new decoder and / or new TV (with some exceptions) that are compatible with the standard. It was not better at this point to wait for the DVB-T2 as they have done intelligently Great Britain, where the supply of transmissions with the new standard is already very substantial? But we know that these things "Italian's do it better", right? :-)
    i'm really disapponted!!!!

    46PFL9706M 2.200€ of tv without DVB-T2!!!!!!!!! i'll buy a sony!!!!
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