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    Cinema 21:9 Goldline 50PFL7956H/12, PS3 no 3D content while playing 3D games

    I use the Cinema 21:9 Goldline type 50PFL7956H/12, firmware version, 2011-10-11

    When playing a 3D blueray movie via PS3 (latest firmware 3.72) the Cinema TV go automatic to play the 3D movie whitout any problem, but playing a 3D game, the Cinema TV give a menu to choose 3D or cancel for 2D.
    After choose the 3D option screen will be black I see that the ambilight will react on the video.
    The Cinema TV give no reaction anymore with the remote control, the only way to bring the Cinema back to live is to push the Return button on the remote control for several seconds, the Cinema TV go to TV channel 1.

    When I choose for HDMI2 (HDMI2 is free, no cabel attach) the Cinema TV let show on screen the question 3D or Cancel menu.
    When chosen for 3D content the error message appears no 3D video content availble.
    When choose for HDMI1 (PS3 attach) i gett the menu again 3D or Cancel. after chosen for Cancel bring video on the screen.

    Remark; yesterday after installation of the new firmware version, 2011-10-11, I get only once the PS3 with 3D games in 3D mode on the Cinema TV, after powerdown and powerup the Cinema TV and PS3 no 3D games will play video on the Cinema TV anymore.

    Does anyone has a solution for this problem, or similar problem?
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