I have a question on the accesibility of the Online TV APP.
I own a 46PFL8605/K12 TV and a BDP 5200 since last week.

I like to use NETTV with the BDP, as it has the WIFI functionality.
Today I connected the TV to the Internet in order to look for updates and compare the NETTV usability to that of the BDP.

On the TV I found the App "Online TV" directly next to Internet.
On the BDP there is no such App.
I searche in the App Store - but without succes.
I think the online TV app is very useful as it provides acces to ARD / Das Erste Mediathek (German Television).
Acces to ZDF ( Second German Television) ist available through an App on both devices-

I also tried to acces ARD Mediathek through the TV Browser. This is less fuctional in navigating... and the movies do not start.

Is it possible to get the same Online TV app on my BDP, as I do not usually connect the TV to my Network.

Thank you in advance