Since I have upgraded online to the latest version of the firmware, I encounter many problems with the hts 9140.
- At first, the upgrade did not fill properly, and each time I tried to start the device, it tries to upgrade again. After calling support, I removed the network cable, restarted the device, and was then able to upgrade with firmware on a usb key.

Since this upgrade (can't remember the version, but it is today some weeks old, I would say the version from beginning of september):
- If the device is plugged in on network, I am unable to start a dvd/blueray disk, even not eject it ! I removed the net cable and then I am able to eject and play dvd/blueray discs again.
- Today (17.10.2011), our hts9140 just crashed on a mp3 located on the usb key and since then, I am not able to start the device again, with or without the cable plugged in !!! The device just keep saying 'starting' and no picture appears. You can remove the message while selecting a source, but nothing happens... no sound, no image, no dvd read, etc... argh....

Please help