Hi all .. I've now searced forum and helping sites for an hour or 2 and can't find what I need.

Stanby light is on (NOT blinking) - Can't turn the tv on either from remote or buttons on TV (I tested remote with a phone-cam and it works fine)

Saturday night I turned off the TV .. I unplugged the powercable.
I had other stuff on same powersupply, That I had to take to a friends house (TV only turned off and not touched at all after that)
Sunday I got home and wanted to turn on the TV (and only the TV) I plugged the powercable againe and the standbybutted lighten up as it always does, but I can't turn the TV on .. No clicking sounds no nothing .. Just a little red light on the TV and thats it.

I tryed turne off the tv againe and waited 5min, then turned on againe. Same thing happens.

I tryed every thing by now and still can't turn the TV on ..

Eny help out there?