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    BDP9600 problems

    Hi, just bought my first philips product. Loved the spec of the 9600. But software has been giving me headache, I have updated the firmware to 1.6 and still...

    First off I have a problem with my remote the button disc/pop up doesn't eject the disc, a friend of mine who bought the same player has this problem as well.

    The player tents to crash alot when using net TV, often need to re-start a couple of time within an hour of usage. The screen during play would distort to those green/ purple noise.

    Navigating thru the player's menu and access to disc,usb & DNLA is very slow and laggy.

    Wifi signal isn't sensitive in picking up signal. when I am in my bedroom with a stable wifi signal of 3-4/5 bars on my iphone or macbook. The 9600 display only 1-2 bar signal and then couldn't connect to net tv.

    Wifi works when signal is strong but when connecting LAN line it it could access net tv stating philips server not detected...weird

    I am using the player as a a cd source for my hifi stereo & home theater system, everytime I turned on the player my tv turns on as well. I am aware of the is HDMI-CEC connection but is there a way to disable it without disconnecting the HDMI cable?

    Even when using the HDMI-CEC controls from the tv's remote it can only navigate the 9600's main menu not net tv or USB ?

    Philips iphone's app " my remote" can't work on 9600 which is the flagship model??

    Overall it's a good quality player with excellent sound / Vision re-production just hope that the software supporting it could be better.

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