I've recently bought the Philips TV 47PFL7606M/08 and I'm using the capability to record and pause TV (Smart USB recording).

To test this functionality I've attached my only external 2.5" USB 2.0 HDD of 250GB.

The manual is reporting that:

"To pause or record a digital broadcast, you need to connect a USB hard disk. Use a USB 2.0 compatible hard disk with a minimum of 250 GB hard disk space. Ensure that the USB hard disk supports a minimum transfer speed of 30MBps".

and also "To pause broadcasts, you need a USB hard disk with a minimum size of 32 GB hard disk space".

My questions are:

1- Can I use an USB 2.0 pendrive of 32GB to pause a digital broadcast? It is more flexible then an external USB drive (smaller, no need of cables, less power consuming, etc...)?
Which are the minimum requirement of read/write speed for an USB 2.0 pendrive to use the pause feature?

2- Why do I need an external HDD of MINIMUM 250GB to record a TV program? Once a TV program is recorded I just saw it once and then problably it is not needed any more (it is not possible to extract the program and save it on DVD or PC so why keep it on the hdd?). This limit of 250GB do not allow me to use a usb pendrive because it simply does not exist today a pendrive of 250GB.

I hope to get an answer to my questions.

Thanking you in advance,