I've got a Philips TV Series 9000 (model 37PFL9604H/12) upgraded with the latest software and an iPhone 4 with the Philips MyRemote App v1.1.3 installed.

The TV is no longer found by Philips "MyRemote" App since I updated the iPhone operating system (from iOS4 to iOS5).

I tried removing and reinstalling the app, but still does not work: after the scan (App searching the TV), pop-up window appears ont te iPhone display with a request to perform a new scan, refer to FAQ, or start the DEMO mode.

Obviously on the TV "jointspace” is always enabled (activation code: 5646877223) and WiFi Netwok is OK, it's the same used when all worked properly (with iOS4) with the same network parameters,IPs, etc.

So, upgrading to iOS5 could be the cause of this malfunction? Is the app probably incompatible with the new iOS 5?

A funcionality test of the app and its update to solve this issue would be much appreciated.