Hello again Philips!...

The last few weeks I am seeing more and more discussions around the web regarding the specs of the 9606, especially about the amount of Local Dimming Zones and the number of LEDs. These discussions are started because of some old and confusing data that is floating around and... this is causing potential customers to be scared away, since that old "data" is way off.

Of course I supplied them with the correct numbers, but since I'm not from Philips myself, and even the (German) Philips Chat doesn't know the answers to this, people don't know who to believe... understandably.

So that's why I made a complete list of all the LED Pro models. The only thing I ask is, could you Philips maybe confirm these numbers (or correct them if I made a mistake myself ), so people can be reassured by this?...

Zones: . LEDs: . LED Pro Models:
. 120 . . . 960 . . 32PFL9705
. 168 . . 1344 . . 40PFL9704, 40PFL9705, 40PFL9606
. 224 . . 1792 . . 46PFL9704, 46PFL9705, 46PFL9706
. 288 . . 2304 . . 52PFL9704, 52PFL9606
. 288 . . 2304 . . 58PFL9955, 58PFL9956

Thanks in advance, on behalf of quite a few potential customers,