I have issues with startup on my BDP7500B2.

When I play a movie (on a disc or USB flash drive - I tried both) for cca 10 -20 minutes and than turn the unit off, it won't turn back on. It freezes at startup (the display on the unit says "PHILIPS"), the TV set (I have a Philips 32PFL6605H/12) won't automaticly switch over to HDMI, and when I do it manually I'm stuck with the PHILIPS welcome screen. I left it like that for a few minutes, nothing happened. Switched it off (stand-by) and on again - same thing. Unplugged it, switched on again - same result. Left it on stand-by for 30 min, turned it on - it starts like nothing happened - everything works.
I watched another clip for a few minutes, tried to switch the unit off and on again and the whole horror repeats. I waited half an hour and it worked again. Then I tried to switch off and on immediately - it worked perfectly.

Can this be an overheating issue? The unit is connected to the TV via HDMI and that is it! No extra speakers, LAN, Wi-Fi,... it has room to "breathe" and is just warm to touch.

The unit is brand new and this is really frustrating

I didn't upgrade the firmware yet (It came with Ver. 1.52 I believe) I would like some feedback before I do that and/or claim warranty!