Hail to apologize for mistakes in the beginning but I am writing with a din traduttore.Sono have a TV 52 Pfl 8605, I wrote in the various threads of some of the deficiencies, but we go to my tv problem serio.Mentre watch TV programs or blue ray I noticed in some scenes nele more scenes with light and dark stripes and spots, thinking they were due to defects in some filters or processing, but I tried to remove the defect rimaneva.Due days ago and took away the dust of the TV spots with known access stripes and spots of incredible house behind the plate was shocked moreover known fingerprints and grease marks as steps of a dirty cloth with the famous lines of 2 cm thick halos and white dots attached internally to vetro.Ora having paid a certain TV euros (not just seen on TV) I sincerely dismounting the TV I do not go down, I want a TV factory and not a whole TV apart and if I ever return worse than before, I already had to endure the fact that you can see the 3D bad and I threw it in a drawer kit 3d (about 200 euros spent and thrown away) plus is the only TV in the house and remain without it would be bad for children piccoli.Nel meantime I'm reading the contractual clauses regarding the replacement of the TV as who have passed 40 days after purchase.