I bought 42pfl7606 some days ago.

I tried different mkv-sources from USB-HDD and can't find an option that matches the resolution of my movies. Some movies in 16:9 (1080p) work fine but most movies in other format like 21:9 are stretched vertically or centered in the middle of the screen but not maximised.

Can s.o. please explain what the options (Auto fill, Auto zoom, Super zoom, Movie expand 16:9, Wide screen) exactly do.

Why is there no option to simply keep the aspect ratio AND maximise the movie? Something like "touch screen from inside" (and add black bars) or "touch screen from outside" (and cut some borders)!

Or is there a way to manipulate the movie-files (without recompile them in 16:9)?

I don't want to see stretched faces on a TV like that.

Please, Philips-Guys, fix this or help me find the right settings.