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Topic: BDP-7600 Bugs

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    Unhappy BDP-7600 Bugs

    Model: BDP-7600/93
    Firmware Ver: 1.09

    1. Both USB and Internet firmware upgrade do not work.
    Network setup and internet connection have no issue. But when select Upgrade from Network, it immediately returns the msg w/o any searching delay: "No valid files are found".
    Download the latest version 1.35 from Philips support site, unzip to the root dir of USB flash disk with unchanged folder name (UPG_ALL), then plug in USB storage - try both 1Gb and 8Gb accordingly, make sure no BD disc inside, select Upgrade from USB, it starts to search however after a few seconds it comes back the err msg: "The version is not verified. Please insert the correct file."
    2. BDP7600 remote control interferes w/ my home set-top box by 70% functions in which numeric buttons are exactly matched. However the set-top box remote control does not impact BDP7600 instead. then I have to POWER OFF the set-top box when using BDP7600. Really a frustrated design on this.
    3. On current version 1.09, I can't see "Internet Browser" or Net TV item in the main menu, I have no idea how to visit internet thru BDP7600. But AD says it supports USB keyboard for internet surfing.
    4. DLNA playback is really limit to WMP, network is frequently broken during the connection even w/ wired cable. That is to say DLNA in this version is not stable comparing to other brand 3D Blu-ray players like Sony S780.

    Except the above bugs, the good things are Divx format support and A-B repeat function - that's why I bought it as my legacy S780 does not have those features.
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