I have purchased tihs TV... but I am not very happy. I am a PHILIPS user since a lot time ago... this brand has lots of experience in design, so, I can not understand:

1) Menu in this TV is absolutely CRAZY, imposible to understand... ¿why? they should update THE COMPLETE GUI in firmware

2) When starting current (switching on a multiple AC outlet, for example) TV GOES ON ¿¿¿Why???? and then goes OFF????

3) It is not possble to CHOOSE SPDIF OUTPUT FORMAT (PCM or multichannel) Very bad for me. My amp does not accept multichanel

4) NOT ACCES to GUIDE, EPG, INFO channel DIRECTLY from the remote

5) NO POWER ON/OFF in THE TV (ONLY IN THE REMOTE) ¿how can I turn off TV WITHOUT remote????

5)I updated to last firmware but now TV POWER OFF RANDOMLY...

I purchased This TV because image is good, but... at leas, I expect PHILIPS will sove these issues...