Hi Everyone,

I recently moved countries and couldn’t take all my DVD´s and Blu-ray´s with me, so I backed up some movies I would like to watch with my Philips.

So here´s my issue: on encoding I didn’t encode the black bars on 2.35.1 aspect ratio movies (because it would be a waste of time and file size), the 4:3 scales correctly and so does 2.35.1 on SD content but on certain HD material it doesn´t, resolutions like 1280x576 will be stretched vertically on any mode even on auto zoom, I hope that this gets fixed on the next firmware.

Also the player has problems playing 1080P source material, it will freeze a frame & audio and skip for about a second every once in a while, can that be fixed?

All the files play fine on my Laptop (when hooked to the TV) but I wish I could just use the TV for watching these movies without problems.

Thanks in advance.