That's really a bad thing with selection of audio and other basic stuff.
Not even to point the starting point of the video you can select with time (at least on my 52PFL8605D).
If the TV freeze, very nice to see the whole video again over DLNA, usb at least has forwarding but not to set start poin as mentioned.
I have a 32'' BGH low cost tv which read almost everything (a part from the well know compression error which almost every
seller had at the beginning) and has all the nice features.
In fact I don't know because Philips does not implement so basic features!!
DTS support, ok could be a price tackle but with the price of this TV no comment...
But all the rest, please, has nothing to do with prices nor with other problems.
Guys do you need a linux "developer" which compiles all the nice libraries for you?
You don't have to reinvent the wheel, did you know that?

My 2 cents about this thread ...