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    Enter Text in Search bar in (new) leanback-Youtube App is not userfriendly

    Strange that noone has commented on that yet - I went through the other threads that mentioned youtube, but didn't find a hint.

    The "browse" bar in the youtube app is really good - this is how I imagine surfing youtube with a TV remote! But PLEASE can you make the fonts and the thumbnails larger? The second line is much too small.
    Maybe even better would be to use the space above where video plays.

    But to the topic: I think that "A..Z keyboard layout" for searching youtube is unfortunately one of the WORST ways to enter text.
    It requires a large number of clicks for each key, they are not easy to find (a querty-order would have been slightly better), and because of the delay, I clicked "abort" a few times instead of "space" and had to reenter everything :-(

    A cell-phone like input with multiple number presses would be MUCH better. I really like the way how the searching in the ZDF Mediathek works! Not sure if it's Philips who created the youtube app, but PLEASE tell the responsible programmer to update the way of entering text. Something similar to how ZDF Mediathek Search works would be great.

    Also, when going back to search, eg. for a second (modified) search, the old text should appear for editing, and not be deleted.

    I know, there's USB keyboard support, which is a very nice touch, but to be honest, I will not hook up a USB keyboard just for occasional searching. In my opinion, a good and fluid handling via the TV remote should have the higher priority.

    Maybe Philips can create something like a "design guide" for App developers? There, things like minimum font size and how to enter text should be suggested for the developers.

    • Allow Text input in the search bar in cellphone-style with multiple key presses
    • keep search text in field when doing a second search.

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