we just got our brand spanking new 42PFL7606K/02 TV. In the Philips support chat area we were assured that this device could
* access SMB or NFS shares with photos / videos / music,
* play back recorded MPEG2 and MPEG4 transport streams (cleaned and remuxed with TS Doctor),
* play back non-supported formats via a DLNA streaming server like TwonkyMedia (the files would then be recoded live).

We have a home network with a NAS in the basement. On this NAS we have a lot of recorded shows and movies which we have collected over the years. Most of them are in MP4 (H.264 + AAC audio) format or MPEG2-TS (MPEG2 transport stream + MP2 audio) or MPEG4-TS (H.264 + MP3 audio) format. The NAS (WD MyBook Live) runs TwonkyMedia.

My goal is to be able to view and play all media directly from this NAS. Optionally, record directly to the NAS. I have a satellite receiver which records the raw TS stream to USB flash drives which then can be cut and cropped on a computer. This works fine so far, but in the long run I'd like the TV to do this.

Currently, the situation is as follows:
* The TV finds the NAS via TwonkyMedia and displays its files. I have not yet found out how to make the TV access SMB shares.
* Recording I have not yet tried out, since the TV keeps asking the recording media to be reformatted, and I don't have a spare drive right now.
* Playing most MPEG2 and MPEG4 files works, however, rewinding and fast-forwarding does not work. This makes it impossible to continue a started movie, which makes this feature basically useless.
* Viewing JPEG files from the NAS works, however, the JPEG files are displayed as tiny thumbnails - making this feature also basically useless.

The most important missing features are the latter two. I would appreciate any help - be it reconfiguring Twonky or the TV!