Dear Users,

To help you as fast and as good as possible with any issues regarding the playback of your Blu-ray discs, please always make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

If your issue remains, always post the following info:
- Exact title of the disc
- EAN* reference number of the disc (series of number below the barcode on the box of the disc)
- Model Number of your device
- SW version installed on your device
- Exact problem faced (e.g. freezes on the menu, freezes at a certain time, picture cuts, etc)

* How to find the EAN reference number of a disc ?


Once we have the EAN reference number, we will order the disc accordingly so that we are able to do some extended tests to see if we can reproduce the issue.

Please keep in mind that these test will take some weeks, from ordering date to the actual testing.

Thanks for your help.