I have the same issues as many other people here:

Model: BDP3100/12
SW Version: 1.42

Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (special features disc)
EAN: 5051888085073
Problem: Error message: unknown disc

Title: The Lion King
EAN: 8717418335076
Problem: movie freezes almost every 10 seconds

We also have a problem with the Star Wars Blu-Ray (don’t have the EAN code right now): during the beginning, it constantly freezes.

I would love to see the extra's from Harry Potter, so an upgrade would be welcome
I noticed there were some firmware upgrades for other models, fixing the Harry Potter problem. Has anyone got an idea when it will be available for the BDP3100 series? I just upgraded my firmware, but the problems were still there.

Thanks in advance!