Film: Titanic 3D blu-ray
EAN: Unknown - Love film rental
Model BDP5180/12
SW: 1.62

This seems a common problem from reading on other forums. When the player is connected to the internet the disc spools, then shows "unknown disc error". If I get this error then I unplug the player from the internet and "upgrade" the firmware to the exact same version that I am already running, I can watch the film if disconnected to the internet. As soon as I connect the ethernet lead again the problem re-appears. Titanic is not the only film that has this issue, and from a cursory google search it appears that I am not the only customer who has experinced this fault (although it does appear that I am the only one to find a workaround). If I never connect the player to the internet then the problem never comes back, it is only after I connect via ethernet. It seems to me that there is a firmware issue going on that probably needs addressing.