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    BDP5506/F7 & WI-FI Mediaconnect-do they really work?

    OK, bought the BDP5506 to project via WFMC to my samsung TV. NEVER been able to get the BDP to "see" either computer on my net work.... ONCE i had computer 2....splash screen WFMC. but no joy.
    All the advice and help I have read is to get a philips TV and wifi media connect to work with the USB dongle. there is LITTLE if anything on how to link a PC to a BDP.
    I am NOT using a Dongle, WFMC is "supposed" to be in my BDP5506
    computer 1 Win 7-32 Desktop, 4 GB of Ram, 2.14 MHz QUAD core, NVIDIA card. I cant get WFMC to run on it.
    Computer 2 Win XP 2.54 MHZ desktop, 1.5 GB ram sapphire ATI video. WFMC runs, is black rimmed with a gray monitor.
    ALWAYS get Network error NE[00302010 on the BDP when trying to run WFMC from the home screen.
    The BDP can surf, NetFlix, "NetTV", Vtuner, etc. I have set static IP addresses for ALL network items. even though i did start out DHCP.
    Router 192.1668.0.1, Motorola 3347, b/g wireless
    comp 1)
    Comp 2)
    BDP5506 internal wireless, upgraded to latest firmware (which might just be the problem!!!!!)
    Some advice has been to allow "PC media files show" on the "TV" network settings, however the BDP5506 has no such setting in firmware.
    I have shared a folder called "videos" on each computer. both computers "see" each other, they don't see the BDP.
    I have disabled all virus checking programs and firewalls, checked to see that WFMC is allowed both outbound and inbound on firewalls, disabled and re-enabled Upnp on the router.
    I am A+ certified, I do DSL tec support all day long. This program WFMC needs work!!!!!!!!!!!! I have run WFMC Vxx427, Vxx425,Vxx42 on both computers... all no connectt, no joy, no workie
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