Here is some additional information about the "This is an empty list" problem and other problems.

I connected the NP3900 to my network via CAT5 cable in order to rule out Wi-Fi issues. All devices on the network were then connected by a wired Ethernet switch to a modem-router. In NP3900 Settings I selected "Wired (Ethernet)" and the NP3900 acquired an IP address.

["Doesn't communicate with Windows Media Player" problem:] When I selected "Media Library" on the screen the NP3900 did not detect the fact that Windows Media Player was running on a new Windows 7 computer on the same subnet. The latter computer's firewall was entirely disabled and "Allow devices to play my media" and "Allow remote control of my player" were both selected. Windows Media Player, on the other hand, did detect the NP3900. But when I tried to "Play To..." the NP3900 no connection could be established. The computer had in other respects good network connectivity, as evidenced by the fact that I have posted this message.

["Crashes connecting to AllShare Android app" problem:] I started Samsung AllShare on my Android smartphone which runs a DLNA server. The phone appeared in the Media Library list on the NP3900. I selected the phone and the "Audio" category. This caused the NP3900 to stop functioning, i.e., to crash. This was completely repeatable.

I rebooted NP3900 and the phone.

Then I started Philips SimplyShare on the phone which also runs a DLNA server. Niftily enough I was able to play music from the phone to Windows Media Player on the PC using this app. It didn't see the NP3900. But after rebooting the NP3900 again it was able to see the NP3900 and I was able to play music from the phone to the NP3900 at least once.

["Can't scroll past Bananarama" problem":] I then exited SimplyShare and started the Philips MyRemote app on the phone and under Media Library selected the Synology DS111 which was the only server it could see. As usual, if I selected "Artist" I couldn't scroll beyond artist names beginning with "Ba". (Specifically, after "Bananarama" the following artist in the list was "Aztec Camera" and so on ad infinitum.)

So I selected an artist name beginning with "A" and selected an arbitrary song, which started playing.

I pressed the back key on the smartphone twice which exited MyRemote. The song continued to play with the album cover showing on the screen.

I pressed the NP3900 screen and selected "Internet Radio" and was able to play Internet Radio. Hooray.

I then started SimplyShare. ["Detection" problem:] Initially it did not detect the NP3900, but after a retry it did. I used it to play a song on the NP3900.

["This list is empty" problem:] Then I exited SimplyShare and used the NP3900 screen to select Internet Radio and got the "This list is empty" message.

It think that when the NP3900 is being controlled over the network and then local controls are used, the NP3900 sometimes forgets that it needs to reconnect to the Internet. It seems especially likely to forget if the remote network control app is shut down abruptly.

But as indicated above, there are other problems. And they have nothing to do with Wi-Fi reception.