I'I'm writing again for the same issue. I wrote in the past, as a lot of customers as I can see here in the forum and, I really don't understand why, PHILIPS NEVER REPLIED to all of us!!! Now please, let me know someone is alive behind this website.

My TV model: 46PFL8685H/12
last installed patch: (file 46pfl8685h_12_fus_ita.zip)

Issue: switching from PC connected via HDMI to TV, the audio fails (no audio, or sometimes metallic and very low)


I connected my PC to the TV using HDMI-1 channel (I tried also HDMI-2 and HDMI-3 getting the same behavior).
Switching from TV to PC, I can see the video and I can listen the audio using the PC speakers (no audio from TV, ok no problem). After that, when I come back from PC to TV, the TV speaker sounds a very low, distorted and metallic audio and all I can do to fix it is to turn off and on the TV (hoping this procedure wont be destructive for my TV...).

Me and a lot of your customers are waiting for you, so please reply and say something...