Hi folks. My first post.

Back in mid-2009 I bought my Philips 37PFL5603D/10 from a dealer here in Norway. It's been a great TV, never a problem with it. Until now.

I also purchased a UHF dipole antenna for use with it's "integrated digital" DVB-T capable tuner, but never hooked that up until recently. That's when things started going downhill. Making a long story short, it won't work with the MPEG 4 encoded terrestrial systems here. It gets a good signal, and teletext functions perfectly, but there is no picture, no sound (freely available unscrambled channels).

A pleasant lady at Philips Support regretted to inform me that this model is MPEG 2 compatible only and that I needed a 5603 "H" or "T" model, not the "D" I have. Seems to me the dealer should have made that clear. I'll be speaking with him this afternoon.

So, I am left with a question or two for the experts here:

1. Can a software update fix this?

2. If not, can the DVB-T tuner module be swapped out?

I know I can purchase a CAM module or external decoder, but I bought this thing partially because of its internal decoder. Hoodwinked !

Any bright ideas?? Thanks.


37PFL5603D/10 s/n HJ2L090436662