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    Ps3 Media Server as Media Server

    The PS3 Media Server, is a free open source media server like TwonkyMedia and Tversity.
    Written for the PS3, but works great with my Philips TV and home theatre system.
    It runs on a networked PC that does the streaming and transcoding.
    It uses MediaInfo for parsing codec.
    It is possible to give a priority for audio language and subtitles to the transcoded stream.
    Works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

    I wrote a PS3 Media Server renderer configuration profile file for the Philips TV 40PFL8605h_12 and HTS9520_12.

    All audio and video codecs supported by the TV were programmed within the config file according the specs from 'Codec_table_all.xls'
    This way only the Unsupported codecs will be real-time transcoded.

    According the specs from the 'Codec_table_all.xls' the TV config is suitable for the xxPFLxxx5 serie.

    try it


    HTS and BDP models both have according the Philips specs from 'Codec_table_all.xls' the same specifications.
    The config would also be tested on a BDP player that supports DLNA.

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