Softwareversion not available because there is only a black screen, but yesterday and the day before it was confirmed by the helpdesk that my version (when it was visible) was the latest version.

After using the TV yesterday I switched it off.
This morning I switched on the TV and there was only a black screen (there is sound and there is Ambilight (changing colors as if there is something going on on the screen ...)

Last monday I changed my first 37PFL9606 because of the same problem (after 10 days), thinking it would be a failure in this one.
Now my 2nd one has got the same problem (after 4 days).

Waiting for an answer from the helpdes how to solve this, because I like the Ambilight very much, the reason to choose Philips. But if not solved very soon I will have to say goodbye to Ambilight and switch to another brand ... too bad.

Other problem is the minijack connection, sometimes there is a signal and sometimes there is not, waiting for an answer for this problem to.