Hi to all,
Thomas - Philips I have some questions for you
1. Until up to now the top models of philips were almost identical.
For instance the 58PFL9955H was the 21:9 version of the 9705 (more or less - for instance the former did not have the need of a 3D transponder)
This year philips makes something odd,
46PFL 9706 (top 16:9 model) has two additonal features that are missing from the 58PFL9956H (top 21:9 model)
1. moth eye filter
2. ambilight XL
My question is why philips chose to do so?
Was it difficult? Was it due to keeping the cost of the 21:9 down ?
Is it something that it would added to the next year's 21:9 television?

2. Will the local dimming be present at 58PFL9956H while watching 3D this year in contrast to the last year's 58PFL8855H?

3. Is EPG going to be available to models addressed to Greece this year?

Thank you