Hi all

I own two different devices 1 NP2900 and 1 new NP3900. Both of them are registered in club Philips to be availaible in streamium management.

I got few remarks/Questions to do :

1) With the device comes ten radios registered in something called preselections, This are absolutely not the kind of radio i am listening to but they all are accessible with a shortcut key 1 to 9.
How can i change these radios by mine ? I really do not want philips to decide wich radio i have to listen to

2) Going in streamium management has duplicate all my favorites from the np2900 to the NP3900 and everytime i change the order or add a favorite the two devices are changing together !!!
Although each time i want to change something the web site ask me on wich device i want the change !!!

I don't think i will be able to buy a third one for the children because they do not listen to our radios and i do not want to listen to theirs !!!!

3) The quality of sound is as good as on the Np2900 wich makes theses devices smart looking and good sound so love the quality .... but the management (with the back office website) is so poor that sometimes it makes you want to change