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    Bug: Time-shift recording crashes on "rewind&watch"

    Not sure how to reproduce this, but this is how it happened:

    1) I switched to a few channels with Ch+ and started watching NDR (a free digital DVB-C channel).

    2) After about 30 minutes, I wanted to start time-shift recording and noticed, it already was started,
    because when I pressed "Pause", I actually could go back 30min to the beginning without having to press "Pause"

    (I don't know if this an intended feature, but this is really cool, because it allows to replay missed scenes without having to actually start time-shifting! Please keep this, this is great!!)

    3) I rewind back about 15 min to repeat the last 15minutes.

    4) This worked for about 10(or 15?) minutes perfectly, then suddenly the screen faded to black and came back, but it looks as if it skipped a number of minutes (maybe 10-15min?) then I could continue watching from there.
    However, from this point on, the time-shift recording crashed:
    - Pressing pause/play/rewind displayed the icons, but nothing happened, so I couldn't replay the part that was skipped.
    - Changing the channel didn't work ("First press stop to return to live TV..."), but pressing "Stop" didn't actually stop it.
    - I had to switch off the TV and turn it back on (Standby and Back was enough) to be able to switch to a different channel.

    Didn't try to reproduce this, but this happened to me twice, so maybe Philips can reproduce it it as well.

    The "normal" (manually started) time shifting directly pressing "pause" & "play" after switching to a channel _did_ work. No crashes here.


    (32PFL7606K FW Q5551-
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