I would really like to know what containers with what content that the BDP9600 really can handle.
This brochure mixes containers and even disc formats with compression formats and hence doesn't make much sense. And, well the manual that came with the player is no better at it. On top of that all info I've seen -I might and probably have missed some- creatively ignores the fact that for example not all h.264 is created alike but to different profiles.

Is it to much to ask for a proper list broken down by container, contents of, quantity of (profiles, resolutions, bit-rates etc.) so that playing mediafiles can be a more know what plays rather than test what plays activity?

As a sidenote though, I am quite pleased with the player as such. Upscaling of low resolution content is excellent! Even tried an almost 20-year old Star Trek VCD and the player made a remarkable effort!