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what your view on the pictuer quilty after 0.25 do you think the black levle is not as good. im asking you this becuse you me and freddy had are 9705 about same time
I never had any issues regarding black levels. I bought my 46" 9705 on mid-September 2010 (I was the first 46" 9705 own in Greece), and despite reading various rumors on the forums (about newer panels & board replacements), I was never tempted to send my TV to the service.

Regarding black levels, I had measured (with a special instrument called ColourMunki from Spectracal) the black level on an image provided by a plasma fan, and measured these:

Of course I would like better blacks near black objects, but the blacks are satisfactory, and what I expected from a direct local dimming TV with 224 zones.