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    Dear reader,

    since the 5th of October I'm the "proud" owner of the of the year 2011/2012, but there is a problem.
    At this moment my TV is at the repair center of Philips (Technorep) with the following complaint:

    When watching TV and there are big areas with the same colour (for example soccer) en the camera moving from left to right and visa versa you see from top till buttom lanes from about 2 cm. It look if the leds don't light up enough. It's less noticable when camera moves up and down or visa versa.

    At the repair center the complaint is noticed and my TV is compaired with the same one. But this one had the same problem. According to the repair center it is not possible to repair this at this moment. It's a software issue.

    A nice woman from Philips headquarters called me to say that at this moment I'm the only one that complaint about this (but she agreed that is was a problem) and therefor it could take sometime before a software update would be written. The more people complain about the same problem the faster a software update would be written.

    Therefor I'm ofcourse looking for people with the same problem and start complaining to solve this problem as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,
    Eric Scheepers.
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