Dear all,

I'm here to ask for some clarifications and get benefits of your expertise.

I want to buy a Philips 21:9 58PFL9956H.

I have my LAN100 with several points in my home.

My idea about the network:
- Fix the TV on the wall, plug the TV with the ethernet cable
- Using the TV features and only its remote control, read media content directly from my NAS Seagate BlackArmor 110 (DLNA NAS)
I don't want to use any WiFi for playing video.

Router and NAS are outside the apartment in another room.

1) Is the TV - with the above connections and hardware - able to read and play the media content from my NAS? if so, should I do any specific configuration on my NAS?
2) If the answer to the question 1 is "no", please advice on how a DLNA network with this specific TV should be built (hardwares, connections, softwares).

Thanks a lot in advance.