I'm happy with my HTS9140 soundbar except for one thing: often when I start the FM radio I have no sound at all.
I found out that starting a DVD (until you hear the dvd sound) will help: back to FM radio sounds OK.
But there is more: When the FM radio doesn't have sound, the iPod dock hasn't either, even the digital radio on the TV and on the PVR don't have sound.
Switching to TV in that case will show that some (Dolby)channels have sound and some not.
Changing the audio language from Dolby to dutch will result in again no sound. Back to Dolby: sound again.
Doing that DVD trick helps to get the sound problem solved for all situations, but switching to ipod or FM radio somtimes results in the same problem again.
It seems to me that there is a problem with the Dolby Decoder or close to that.
I have updated the firmware recently for my TV and Soundbar to the latest version but that didn't help.
Who can tell me what more can be done??? Is it hardware or software???
Are there any fellow-sufferers???

Thanks ahead,

Philips LCD-TV 32PFL7675H 81 cm (32") 1080p Full HD digital TV with Ambilight Spectra 2 and Pixel Precise HD
Philips SoundBar Home cinema HTS9140 Blu-ray 3D player with Ambisound
All to the latest firmware releases.