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    HTS5591 issues

    Hey everybody

    I've bought a HTS5591/12 Home Cinema set for a few months ago. All in all the set works quite fine but I seem to have a few weird issues with it.

    First of all let me explain my entire setup.

    The TV (also Philips) is connected with a Coax cable to the BluRay player.
    The TV is also connected with a HDMI cable to my Mediacenter (Apple TV Gen. 1) - for video input from the mediacenter to the TV.
    The Mediacenter is connected with a Optical Digital Cable to the BluRay player - for audio output to the BluRay player.

    Anyway this works rather well - sound is great and everything plays nicely together... BUT all of sudden the BluRay player goes into Standby or sometimes the BluRay tray opens... sometimes both things happen. I then have to turn on the unit again and hopefully it'll work BUT sometimes it does it several times and can be hard to get into normal operational mode again - what I mean here is that one time I had to pull the power from the BluRay unit before it would start normally.

    Having searched a bit here it sounds (a bit?) like the following issue found at this link but this is for some others models.

    I haven't tried looking at Auto Standby or something yet - I will of course, but it still appears weird to me that my set does this.

    Is there anybody who got an idea of why or know is others are having problems with the HTS5591/12 sets?

    Btw... It's probably a good idea to mention that I've updated to the lastest firmware through the unit itself (Internet connection - wired).
    Even though I'm not near my set at the moment, the latest firmware (according to the support pages here) says that it's version 1.27

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