I'm considering purchasing a 4 GB Vibe (model SA2VBE04KW/17).

I plan to use it almost exclusively to play home-made MP3 "audio books", in MSC mode.

That is, I would use a text to speech program to generate my own MP3 files. I would not be using Audible's "audio book" file service.

I need the following capabilities in an MP3 player:

1. Ability to group together several of my MP3s into an "album".
I would use an MP3 tagging program to set the "album" and "track" fields. The MP3 player needs to display my MP3s by album, and within each album, sort by track number.

2. Automatic bookmarking of where I left off in the audio book "album".
Specifically, the player needs to remember which MP3 file I left off in the album, as well as the specific time location in that MP3 player.

3. Multiple bookmark support.
The player needs to be able to retain a separate bookmark for each audio book "album" I'm listening to. For example, if I'm listening to five of my home-made audio books, it needs to retain five bookmarks, remembering both the specific MP3 file within the album, as well as the time location within that MP3.

I currently have a Sansa Clip, which provides this functionality. But unfortunately, after 2.5 years, my refurbished Sansa Clip died. So now I'm in the market for a new MP3 player, and am looking at this specific Philips model.

I downloaded the Philips manual for this model, but it isn't clear if this player will do these things.

Thanks in advance for your time in responding to this request for information.