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    [SA3MUS16S/02] charge trouble [SOLVED]

    I pick my substitute SA3MUS16S/02 from assistence center this evening.
    Wow, it's a new packaged player - I think - so the problems are over!
    I'm very wrong from beginning...
    Unpack the player, connect to my pc, the device start charging then reset itself and windows report "unrecognized peripheral".

    The thing I notice are:
    - The back of the device is very hot, at least 40°
    - The device report a battery status of 40-45% charge, while songbird report 100%
    - I set display to sleep timer off screen off timer always on, but after a time from 10 seconds to 1 minute the device reset itself and become unrecognized. After a reset (hardware switch on SA3MUS) and power on, the device restart, unless I connect to pc for charging.

    I'm very sad... 2 devices on 2 are probably faulty?
    Have you any suggestion other then send back to philips for the (second) substitution?

    Fabio "Adam01" from Genoa, Italy
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