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    tv connected to pc via hdmi = blinking pixels

    first of all
    English isn't my native language
    so please be patient with me , thanks in advance

    37PFL5405H/12 , bought Approximately one year ago , even less
    updated it to the newest version available

    some days ago i bought asus-n53s laptop all the drivers are updated
    all the display drivers and the windows updates

    and i have cheap hdmi receiver from my satellite-tv provider

    my problem :

    the tv displays normally (normally means very nice) when connected to the receiver
    when i use the same (working, proven) hdmi cable to connect my PC to the tv
    it displays 2~4 seconds normally
    and then blinking green pixels appearing on the screen
    those blinking pixels i will call them "noises" have some pattern
    some of theme are constant around the "borders" of any displayed image

    Example : if i watch a basketball match (and pause the game)
    there will be blinking pixels surrounding the ball ant the people etc

    and there are some "random" "noises" all over
    more often on dark areas .

    i had connected (by using the same hdmi cable) my pc to LG and SAMSUNG tvs and had no problems
    i tried the "re-install tv" and "factory settings" and it hadn't done me any good
    when i use vga cable instead of hdmi i have no problems
    re-installed new windows (on my pc) with the default drivers , same problem

    how can i fix this ?
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